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Capacity building, co-design, evaluation  

We specialise in authentically partnering with individuals, organisations and communities to design and deliver high quality outcomes.

We have expertise in:

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Collaborative Methodologies

All our work is guided by the underlying principle that people are the experts in their own lives. Those involved in programs, services and systems inherently know what is required to best meet their needs. Therefore, we believe lived experience is integral to designing, implementing and evaluating.

We partner with you to identify key stakeholders to create meaningful change. We work to create the participatory and inclusive conditions to safely share power, build relationships and capability. 

For example, through: Co-design, Co-production, Co-creation and Participatory Action Research

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Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

We partner with organisations to set up the foundations required to ethically gather both quantitative and qualitative data. We have expertise in a variety of methods to enable organisations to assess the effectiveness of individual elements as well as overall outcomes and impacts of projects, programs and services.

Evaluation provides an evidence base that can be used to make executive decisions, secure funding and as an advocacy tool.

For example, through: Process, Impact and Developmental Evaluation

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Capacity building and development

Supporting organisational, community and sector development by partnering with you to design and develop robust structures to influence practice and create sustainable and long term change. 

We have experience in consultation, strategic and operational insights, project management and designing and developing policies, programs and services to build workforce capacity, embed continuous reflection and transform systems and services.

For example, through: Strategic planning, facilitation and workforce training and development

Sectors we primarily work with:

We are drawn to influencing and creating positive change so the majority of our experience is in human services, mainly across these sectors:

 Aboriginal Programs, Services and Organisations, Community Services, Domestic and Family Violence, Disability, Early Childhood, Education, Housing and Homelessness , Health, Mental Health and Youth.

  • Where we work:

    We are located in Adelaide, South Australia and work at a local and state level. 

  • Most of the work we are involved in occurs¬†nationally¬†or across multiple¬†states and territories¬†throughout metro, rural and remote¬†Australia.¬†¬†

We can support you with:

 Capacity building
Collaborative methodologies such as co-design, co-production and co-creation
Community development
Design and development of projects, programs and services
Evaluation, monitoring and learning
Lived experience leadership and integration to transform systems and services
Project management

Social Design

Strategic planning
Systems advocacy
Training and workforce development and delivery
We are committed to transparent, collaborative and innovative ways of working.
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