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Co-creation, evaluation, capacity building  

We specialise in authentically partnering with individuals, organisations and communities to design and deliver high quality outcomes.

About Us

 Bringing a human rights, social justice and advocacy lens and value to the work we do. We have experience in culturally safe and respectful as well as trauma informed ways of working.

We have long standing partnerships with others to ensure we provide a highly skilled team to fulfill the needs of those we are working with. The team has rich and diverse experience in a range of human services including Aboriginal programs, services and organisations, community services, disability, education, housing and homelessness, health and mental health.

Although based in Adelaide, this work has occurred across grassroots, operational and strategic levels covering government, non-government and private sectors at local, state and national levels.

We are committed to transparent, collaborative and innovative ways of working.

Our People

Sheryl Boniface

Sheryl Boniface has worked in a range of human services including community services, disability, education, housing and homelessness, health and mental health. The work has occurred across grassroots, operational and strategic levels covering government, non-government and private sectors at local, state and national levels. Being involved in human services, Sheryl has partnered with many diverse people and communities including culturally and linguistically diverse, children and young people, elderly and people in crisis. Sheryl’s work during the last ten years has had a strong focus in learning to partner with Aboriginal people and organisations to advocate for systemic change.

Bringing a human rights, social justice and advocacy lens and value to her work, Sheryl is experienced in culturally safe and respectful and trauma informed ways of working. Sheryl has experience in leading, creating, co-designing and supporting services, projects and programs. Working with organisations and systems to develop operational and strategic plans, implement and report on actions for transparency and accountability. This is coupled with a strong background in engagement, capacity building, training, facilitating, storytelling, reporting, monitoring, evaluation and learning.

Sheryl specialises in: co-creation through co-design and co-production; service, project and program design; planning, implementation and evaluation; organisational and service reviews; strategic planning; management advice and support; facilitation; community development; training and workforce development and delivery; curriculum development; and research.

Sheryl is an Australian Evaluation Society and International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) Member.


Kathleen Stacey 

Kathleen Stacey is the Founding Director, Managing Director and Principal Consultant at beyond… She spent her formative working years within the public sector and academia before establishing and expanding beyond… into its current form. She has been deeply involved in the health, early childhood, education, youth mental health, and family and community support sectors. Since 2000, she has been increasingly involved in working with Aboriginal organisations, units or programs, usually at the direct request of Aboriginal people. Kathleen’s qualifications include a Master of Arts (Marriage, Family & Child Counselling), Graduate Certificate in Critical Psychology, Graduate Diploma in Health Science (Parent Education & Counselling), and Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech-Language Pathology).

Kathleen has specialist skills in: program design, planning, implementation and evaluation; organisational and service reviews; strategic and business planning; management advice and support; facilitation; community consultation; training development and delivery; curriculum development in higher education; and research. She has published well over 100 documents, including commissioned reports, refereed journal articles, chapters and conference papers, and presented at dozens of national and international conferences, which is testament to her highly developed writing and presentation skills. Kathleen can be reached at kathleen@beyond-kathleenstacey.com.auor via the beyond... websitewww.beyond-kathleenstacey.com.au.

Sharon Gollan

Sharon Gollan is a descendent of the Ngarrindjeri nation of South Australia, with family and cultural connections to many communities within and beyond South Australia. She is an active member of the broader Aboriginal community in South Australia and is recognised as a leader both within her Ngarrindjeri nation and the wider Aboriginal community.

Sharon has worked professionally and academically in a range of human services fields. She began her professional career with a strong focus on Aboriginal children, youth and families, working in an interdisciplinary team to address the social-emotional wellbeing and support needs of young Aboriginal children and families and communities. Sharon now has over forty years of experience in the health, youth, children and community services sector with a primary focus on creating better services for Aboriginal people. Through her leadership positions within the public and non-government sectors she has gained extensive experience in the development, implementation and review of government programs, policies and initiatives.

From 2001-2009 Sharon was a Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in The David Unaipon College of Indigenous Education and Research, University of South Australia. She contributed to the education of graduate and post-graduate social work, nursing, teaching and psychology students by supporting them to develop culturally accountable practice when working with Aboriginal people and communities.

Sharon practices as a Cultural Advisor, Trainer and Consultant. This work has taken her into both urban and rural regions, operating within and across government, non-government, university and private sectors. As a consultant she has designed and managed evaluation, research or planning projects at local, regional, state and national levels. Sharon has been a Board and/or Advisory member of two Aboriginal community controlled health services, as well as mainstream community health and human services, as well as a SA NAIDOC Ambassador. She is currently an ambassador for Quit Smoking campaigns in South Australia. This has given her unique insight into management, governance and service delivery issues for Aboriginal people, and she has developed both a keen interest and exceptional skills in leadership in Aboriginal contexts. In 2009, Sharon’s contributions to Aboriginal communities across the state over many years were recognised through winning the Premier’s NAIDOC Person of the Year Award.

Over the last 23 years Sharon has been regularly invited to contribute to the evaluation of community-based projects, strategic planning, policy development, community consultation, curriculum development, education/training, and social-emotional wellbeing projects in the Aboriginal health and community services sector. These include projects focused on children, young people and families, health, education, juvenile justice and community leadership. She receives frequent requests from government and non-government agencies to provide specific advice on matters relating to culturally safe practice for working with Aboriginal people and families that may relate to a particular family situation, employment and recruitment, policy development or governance and decision-making.

Sharon’s work has taken her into research and conversations about partnership accountability work, in particular the concept of ‘black-white’ partnership work. In this capacity she has developed strong partnerships with non-Aboriginal people in addressing issues that non- Aboriginal people need to consider when engaging with Aboriginal people as consultants, researchers and/or practitioners. For the last 25 years, she has become well known for and under constant demand to facilitate ‘Cultural Respect and Safety’ training workshops that are delivered as an Aboriginal/non-Aboriginal facilitation partnership. The workshops assist non-Aboriginal health, education and human services workers to understand the dimensions of racism and white privilege, reflect on their cultural identity, and explore how to address racism in order to develop culturally respectful and safe services in working with Aboriginal people, organisations and communities. Sharon can be reached ats.f.gollan@gmail.com.

We have expertise in:

Capacity building
Collaborative methodologies such as co-design, co-production and co-creation
Community development
Design and development of projects, programs and services
Evaluation, monitoring and learning
Lived experience leadership and integration to transform systems and services
Project management

Social Design

Strategic planning
Systems advocacy
Training and workforce development and delivery